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The promise of love
The plethora of love
Sempiternal love
Quintessential love
Two fortunate lovers
The moiety of love
A svelte beauty
A courageous lad
An exquisite bond
Each others’ talisman
The ones for each other
An eternal wait
The spirit of freedom
Display of affection
Of tenderness and care
Of play of sentiments
And sharing of pleasures
A congenial atmosphere
The caresses, the stares, the scent
relieving, refreshing, rejuvenating touch
A conspicuous romance
Of crumbling into the arms
The warm embrace, a heavenly abode
The bonding
amidst angels
The uniting of souls
The exuberance
Of melodies and symphonies
The enchanted swaying
The graceful moves

An ethereal dance
The mellifluous words
A resounding calm
, a ringing peace
The chime, the rhythm, the hymn
The aura of each others’ presence
The charismatic personas
In the brush of  lips
As romantic as petrichor
Of surpassing many a horizons
Of feeling the moistness
A holy pretence
An intense shiver
The power of intimacy

The obsessions, the confessions
Of priorities, of skeptical swears
The intensity of closeness
A surreal proximity
Of hugs and kisses and of holding hands
Driven by lust
The frailty of lust
Surreptitious seduction
The passion, the myths

The desire, the wants
The pleasure of insanity
A bare truth, a wrong act
Of expectations and need
The pain of loss
Of not getting the desired
Of farewells and embraces
Of missing and letting go
Of resisting the resurgent
Of memories and that what’s forgotten
A threatening nightmare
The restless times
The doomed perceptions
A conspiring universe
Of being in a better state
Of own deterioration
Of self-destruction
Of refraining oneself
The fear, the devastation
A withered touch
, an illusion
An accommodating belief
Of bending the truth
Of living a lie
Craving following a betrayal
The desperation
The incredible missing
Of many break downs
And of rebuilding oneself
Strengthened as one
Weakened as separate
Love hurts, period
Of absorbing the worst
Of radiating the best
Of rejoicing and praying
Pity for the times spent alone
Of silent sufferings
And quietly bearing
In the joy of redemption
Of casting away the grief
And forgetting the mourning
Of healing and soothing
And of an innocent hope
Of holding the faith
Of gathering the dispersed
A new lilt in the conversation
The unbreakable threads of love
A never-ending tale of love. . .




Legendary Exuberance


Strength Encomia!

When troubles come overhead
And nothing seems alright
O’er the troubles you tread
And don’t give up the fight.                                                (Verse 1: Earth)

When fear fills your mind
And you are scared downright

O’er the fear grip you find
And don’t give up outright.                                                 (Verse 2: Water)

When your vision falls apart
And nothing happens as you thought
O’er the vision make a dart
And don’t give up the sought.                                             (Verse 3: Fire)

When defeat you may face
And victory’s far from sight

O’er the defeat you race

And don’t give up the might.                                               (Verse 4: Air)

When clouds shadow your smile
And laughter takes a flight
O’er the clouds go a mile

And don’t give up the delight!                                             (Verse 5: Sky)

Feel the stab of the knife,
Fight like a hero tonight
Bring back the world to life
And your life will never end like twilight. . .                         (Chorus)



Be There For Me…

There will be dark times ahead for me,
When I’ll break under the sheer enormity of load,
At those times be there, not out of sympathy or to help,
But to remind me, of who I once was,
When I had you not, I still made it through,
Now when I have you, how could things go wrong?
But so much will I be in pain and angst, that my self, shall desert me,
Be then my voice to God and plead for my salvation,
So that in eternity, shall I get to rest in peace…

Then there will be happy moments passing by,
And I alone will not be able to gather them,
At those moments be there, cherish them with me,
But do remind me of the trauma, I may have gone through,
As I had you, I have made it through,
Now that you are forever with me, everything will happen right!
But let me not exalt in this momentous happiness,
Be now my voice to God and thank Him for OUR bond,
So that beyond eternity, I shall get to be with YOU…


Will you be there for me in times so contrasting? Now that you know what it shall entail…

O, Mother

Long ago when dad left, O mother
hid me in your silhouette
Blocking from my view, the path on which dad set out
Memories of dad were all over the household strewn
And among threads of love you had me sewn
Never like dad would I leave you, I swore
But to see dad again, the insides of me tore…

O mother, do not misunderstand me
For I do, not, what you bade me not
But it renders me uneasy a lot…

And I confess to you, O mother
When it is dark I sneak out
Not actually, but my mind races about
I think it’s not bound even by me

As it pays no heed, to even the warnings by thee
climb the slopes steep
Visualizing them I sleep…

O mother, do not take me wrong
For I do not disobey you in my words or deeds
But dissatisfaction is what, within me breeds…

I think my dreams aren’t mine, O mother
‘cause even your word doesn’t stop them from travels beyond
And my thoughts into the unending valleys abscond
My sight searches for a glimpse of dad
Seeing whom, I’m sure you’ll never again be sad
It has taken time for me to become a young man fine
Destined to unravel the mysteries divine!


Let Love Die Now…

Bonded are two souls in love,
And as one they thrive;
When one suffers the other cries
When one lets go the other holds on
When one is scared the other guards

When one is weakened the other strengthens

Relationships are all about love,
Without which they flicker out;
When one leaves the other waits
When one falls the other catches
When one shatters the other gathers

When one wants out the other gives in

Beauty is reflected in their love,
With age it withers not;
When one is sad the other cheers
When one is hurt the other is in pain
When one cares the other cares more
When one is happy the other is jubilant

Inspirational is their love story,
As an example they live on;
When one flies the other soars
When one is lost the other guides
When one wins the other is victorious
When one looses the other gives hope

That’s sweet love summed up,
So pure and complete;
Let this undying love fade with the heartbroken lovers
Let it not be a cause of pain to others
Let love take a bow
Let love die now


The Last Goodbye

Don’t walk away. . . . . .

I remember how hard it was to say ‘goodbye’ to friends during the school days when we left for the summer vacations. The last day at school, when we would sit with mixed feelings enthused just by the prospect of going to a higher grade, while at the same time bereaved of the fact that we would all be reshuffled into separate divisions again…

Those were the ‘days of goodbyes’ when goodbyes didn’t really used to hurt so badly, cause we weren’t grown up enough to understand the pain that separation involves.

They say with maturity comes the understanding of the functioning of the universe, I say with maturity comes the understanding of altering our original thought process, ideas, beliefs, convictions which we have formed before by trial and error or by simply accepting the underlying facts told to us by people whom we trust or trust to be true or in fear and tribulation…

Separation is a process I despise.

The goodbyes these days are faked, in fact, though people say goodbye just as a means of accepting the idea that you are ending the ongoing contact and are going separate ways, sometimes keeping the prospect of meeting again in future open; the most inner part of them never wants to be separated, because accepting a change is just too difficult, even though change is nature’s law.

We have become so busy in this dynamic world that a ‘bye’ is devoid of any feelings, as we know that if we accept the idea of separation thoughtlessly it would hurt a great deal lesser.

Why do we frame ourselves to be so hesitant to refuse a goodbye, and do not let that person leave our sight?

So, today I take a pledge to remove the word the word ‘goodbye’ from my vocabulary.

‘Sayonara’ until we meet again!

(umm…did I just say goodbye in some other language?!!)

Live The Conviction!

Fight as if the world at stake
Smile as if for God sake
Cry as if the tears are fake
Build as if you’re ought to make
Search as if you’re bound to rake
Receive as if no one will take
Eat as if it’s sweet as cake
Sleep as if you’re sure to wake!

Never Mine, Yet, Ever Mine

It’s none to care,
It’s none to share,
And none to have a laughter with;
I had always thought,
It was never mine,
Still always fine,
So I let it go, thinking it was never mine;

But the thing was true,
And stuck like glue,
So it came back out of the blue;

It came to care,
It came to share,
And brought laughter along with it,
Then I thought,
It was always mine,
But never fine,
So I brought it back, thinking it was ever mine …

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