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My Dulcet Diorama


A dulcet diorama I’d try to fashion..
Sprinkling some moon-light on the waves…
Adding a chill to the breeze…
An essence of calmness I’d exhale…
  A dash of mist around would help…
  A tinge of longing for something elusive…
  A pinch of moon-light I’d keep in my pocket…
An incredible zest for life on a stellar night…

Wouldn’t I simply pause to give myself an applause?!


Amongst You, I Returned

Anne Frank
For Anne Frank, who believed, ‘that inspite of everything, people are really good at heart…’

For the umpteenth time they had told me,
“Here”, is not where I belonged.
Heard often was, ‘Too different to blend in.’
So, I sought to leave;
Away, far away, from Humanity’s fate…

In a boat I sailed away, armed only with oars,
On the purple sea, in the golden glow,
Afloat the milky foam; cutting rugged waves,
Towards the place where, sky meets sea…
And yonder would be Paradise, I dreamt.

I rowed for an aeon, into the astounding open sea;
Until my muscles ached with fatigue.
My ebullience had fizzed out and the sea had calmed,
Letting my boat drift away,
Beneath the clouds of gloom, I sat.

To brood alone is a blissful affair;
How much I enjoyed the breeze of solace!
Then epiphany struck, loneliness introduced itself;
My elysium had been ephemeral.
I prayed to be engulfed by divinity…

My eyes raked for companionship;
To leave the world had been a decision naïve.
Tomorrow would be better, alone, I resolved;
But, the journey I had set on was truly solitary.
It was a realization too late.


My melancholy ate me inside;
A reclusive life, I had in vain extolled.
I tried to kill myself,
Before, seclusion could.
And I succeeded…

Unbeknownst to myself, I was still in my boat.
I wondered if I had been delivered,
And if the pastiche around me was indeed a heavenly scene
I cried aloud, ‘Have I been granted a place,
Amidst gardens of Paradise?’

And an eloquent Voice spoke to me,
‘An escape is never easy;
You have reeked of nonchalance.
Go back unto your people with felicity,
And WE would forgive your insouciance.’

‘They shunned me, so did I.’
‘Why would they take me back?’ I wept.
‘Anger is a virtue undesired,
Speak nor wail when hurt,
Lest unkind words, again you exude.

Go! Make your place among them.
For inspite of everything, people are really good at heart.
Be exemplary to those astray,
And fill their hearts with compassion again,’
Said, the endearing astral Voice.


‘Row forward, enter Heavens or turn,
And reach the shores you abandoned.’
And I chose to turn…
With restored faith in Humanity.
Yes, I have rekindled my faith in You.


And I do have faith in Me…


The idea for this post is derived from topics shared as a part Indian Bloggers League organized by WriteUp Cafe.

Topic: Write a poem based the given photo prompt.

Freshness of a newborn
Innocence of a child
Dilemma of a teenager
Sacrifice of a lover
Zeal of a youth
Promise of a bachelor
Responsibility of a partner
Management of a parent
Understanding of an elderly
Stillness of the deceased
End of a life-cycle.
An era to comprehend…



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Photo Credit: N.K. Photography

Wanna Be A Superhero


uh! the tides of time…

When you are a little boy,
You want to be a superhero
to save the entire world from villains…

When you are a teenager,
You want to be a superhero
to save your friends from bullies…

When you fall in love,
You want to be a superhero
to save your beloved from the prying eyes of the world…

When you become a parent,
You want to be a superhero
to save your child’s every interest…

And as you age by,
You want to be a superhero
to save yourself from the hassles of old age…


Time makes you more and more self-centered…

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Monsoon: Haiku


image source: Rhea’s Diary

Sussurrus of westerlies.
Romantic petrichor,
tears blending.

The idea for this post is derived from topics shared as a part Indian Bloggers League organized by WriteUp Cafe
Topic: Monsoon Rain
Type: Haiku

Image used has been edited from a sketch at: Rhea’s Diary

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Yet another family gathering had had us depressed.

‘You too have always wanted a baby…Kabir?’

Her voice was shaky. Her eyes sparkled with tears.

‘I love you Aaliya. Not if it’s against your wish.’

‘You know my fears about bringing a child into this world?’

‘I understand, darling.’

We hugged.

YES! Let’s have a baby…’



The idea for this post is derived from topics shared as a part Indian Bloggers League organized by WriteUp Cafe

Topic – A Priceless Gift
Type – 55 Fiction

Photo Credit: Namrota Mazumdar

Secret De Felicidad


People do not rise from ash;
That’s what the phoenix does!
Neither have they had bare beginnings;
They have clothes wrapped around them,
As they wander in search of a job,

Or to sell their wares!

It happens like magic,
That their lives turn inside out,
Passion kills and ambition too!
Dear people get a life soon?
For those who witness it call it karma,
Those who don’t, call it magic!

Fate and destiny are for winners to praise,
For mediocres just to ogle and crave.
It’s the inner glory that helps them win;
A solid foundation that survives every quake!
You are special do believe this,
To desires and wantings do not give in!

Good Times


good times!

Come will the good times again
Showers of blessings it’ll rain

No more shall you fall, for you’ll have been trained
From your losses you’ll have gained
Your sword, with your enemies blood shall be stained
From twisted destinies you’ll be unchained

Dear fellowmen, come will the good times again
Showers of blessings it’ll rain!

So Beautiful…

Every thought I speak is so beautiful
Every word I write is so beautiful
Every breath I breathe is so beautiful
Every smile I smile is so beautiful
Every step I walk is so beautiful
Every moment spent thinking of you is so beautiful

With you, life was so much more beautiful
My beauty
Where are you?

I miss you.


Your Smile…

And when you smile when at I am at study

Your sweet smile gives me the will to study;

And when you smile when I am at play

Your smile gives me the will to win;

And when you smile when I am at work

Your smile gives me the will to make you proud;

And when you get up with a smile

Your beautiful smile makes my day;

And when you sleep with a smile

Your enchanting smile renders me a peaceful sleep;


I wish to be a reason of your smile now and then!