Sarcasm has taken deep roots in our society now. Thanks to the many non-desi SITCOMS and how one cannot thank enough the Great Indian Comedy Shows (all seasons, ever and Archana Puran Singh’s nightmarish laughter too, in that regards 😛 ) for ingraining in us this devilish trait — SARCASM.

A time will come soon that only those who can differentiate between sarcasm and what actually is intended, on their own, without help from their “Satire for Dummies” books, will progress and be successful in their day-to-day lives.

My day begins with the dudhwala’s sarcastic remark, “Sahab, hamari bhains itna hi ghaadha dudh deti hai. Aapko nahi parvartaa ho toh aap kal sey milk powder sey kaam chala lena.”

Well, it worsens when everyone, from my ever irritating neighbor to my lift-man open their mouths only to rain on me their choicest sarcastic comments. These taunts range from being personal, like some murmur under the breath about how late I return from work, to some things completely mean, at least I feel so, like how I must be surely working for some cheap perfume company because of the excessively irritating fragrant attire of mine. I wish sometimes that I can tell the truth that it is to mask the fact that I am too busy for a jolly good bath.

This ever-developing talent of the people is creating a chaos in our peaceful co-existence and serene day-to-day lives!  It can be discomforting to some people like me, who in the battle to outdo the other person in turning out more sarcastic end up hurting some sentiments here and there.

However offensive and whatever its ill effects, it has surely brought me a long way and has helped me grow. If they ever make me give an award-winning speech for some undisclosed reasons, it would surely sound like this:

“I would like to thank all those who said, “I can do it” and I couldn’t and still I was made to do what I couldn’t do and it paid off!”

You should be open to all ranges of feedback, I have learnt.  Handling sarcasm requires skill. Both being subjected to it and using it as your whiplash! It’s an inborn talent to channelize it out of you at the right place, at the right time and the right amount. NO! You cannot learn it. Sorry, if the last sentence broke your heart. I still have a lot to write so enough apologies! There there, now shut up.

Once they found this engraved in a stone unearthed at the Mohenjo–Daro, “Be not afraid of sarcasm: some are born sarcastic, some men try to be sarcastic (and end up in the pit!), some have sarcasm thrust upon them (wannabe stand-up comedians) and the remaining are just the victims of it.”

The bracketed part is totally part of the original engraving.

Loved this one? Here are a few more quotes on sarcasm, from great personalities around the world:
# You can do anything, but not sarcasm.
# Sarcasm is mind without reason.
# Before sarcasm we are all equally wise and equally foolish.
# Sarcasm is never without reason, but seldom with a good one.
# Sarcasm seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.
# Sarcasm can’t kill you, but why take a chance?

From being life-changing to scaring someone out of their wits, from a way to impress the girls, to acting as a defense mechanism, sarcasm has played an important role in shaping our lives. This article is an example how sarcasm inspired me to shift from my usual genre of writing — inspirational & romance to satire.

For those sarcastic retards and satirists out there trying to change the world, continue your work and believe me, never ever stop. Remember the key thing is in realizing that there is a thin line drawn between tirade and sarcasm. Erase that. Change the world. Or do satire, the wiser counterpart.

PS: This post script is necessary, as an expression of gratitude, to the person from whom I have derived inspiration to be able to write this one. No offence intended. (And NO can’t name him even upon request, so don’t ask!)