[I repost this work which is about a year old — for somethings do not change — on the eve of your birthday. May you be continued to be blessed by friends and family and loved ones. . . longevity, health and happyness to you!]
We start liking someone for no particular reason at all
But the reason I call you bhai is not so small;
In time now when I look back and give it thought
You’ve meant definitely a lot;
Your presence is like poetry
Sweeter than any cake from the bakery;
You are the instigator of my life’s happy story
And have guided me on the part of glory;
You have been my eye
When I have been shadowed my many-a-lie;
You are an inspiration
And for me an aspiration;
You are a reason for my happyness
With you it is so easy to fight any menace;
From the many shackles of thought you have freed me too
There were times when I just wanted to be you;
I tell you that your laughter is irritating
But I think it’s the happy part of you singing;
In your togetherness, I have seen the world like never before
I’d be around even if one day you start to snore;
When at times I am burdened your soothing advice calms my insides
I pray to him that we fight our troubles shoulder to shoulder, side by side!
Dear Kalpit, many happy returns of the day 😀
A very happy birthday to you…!

‘In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things, does the heart find its morning and is refreshed.’ — Khalil Gibran