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Seeds of Love

You are
everything you want
Just look
Look into my eyes

n see a love
whose seeds you sowed
n the luscious fruits i bear
i owe you

n regret not
that u can enjoy not
the fruits of a love
u planted
pluck n bite into it
may the juice remind you
of the taste of your youthful vibrancy

recall the innocence with which
upon me you shone
and i nurtured myself
in your loving care
n be like the sowers
filled with wonder n delight
at the seed which sent forth its blade
then made it strong;

strong enough
to stands on its own stem
but you’d cut
thru the thick stem in time
for sure
n you’ll find another heart
to plant the seeds
from the fruits i bear



Twisting n tearing
the feeble fabric of norms
I weave a desire
for dreamland

Like a ship left stranded
on a shore
by the ungrateful waves

Foreseeing a future
the very end
alas but life
just for amusement

A penalty
for all my perfections
being cut for greater things
swept away by imperfections

this unnecessary lament
I may not be lost at all
everybody else might be

A frail trail
I leave behind
would you be keen to notice?
tread upon my footsteps

I am being guided
to Paradise
by my Lord
and I wish to guide you too


Education has no limits
It enhances as we share
You’ll be educated in bits
But only if you dare

Education has spread over miles
Acquire it if for your future you care
Education surely improves life styles
Be it from classroom or not; sources of education will never be rare!