Hello! Good morning!! <pause>
πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I am Shaggyyumm and I have been given this great chance, to stand up in front of you and prove my mettle, as the Venus House Captain of our school The AGEI!

And here I am to convince you to cast your vote in my favor!

I am friendly and approachable. I have leadership skills and I know they will only get stronger.

I stand in front of you with principles, which are strong but flexible too.

My heart beats in rhythm with yours. I know I am the best candidate for the office, because this house is what makes me, shapes me, is a part of me and invokes in me love, pride, respect and dignity and what I feel will not change with the outcome of the results of today’s elections.

It is time I feel that I stand out and take up the responsibilities as a Captain, because the title shall bring the best out of me, I am sure. As your representative I will be humble and respectful.

I know I am not perfect and I know some of you know my faults. But I intend to grow and it can be possible with your help. We can grow and learn together. So please vote for me.

If elected, I Shaggyyumm solemnly swear that I will do all tasks assigned to me with the best of my capabilities leaving no stone in my path unturned! I do not fear the result, I trust in you for considering me for the post, I trust in myself that I stand worthy and that you know about it too . . . . .

Venus house fellows arise and cast your vote in your best interests.

Thank you friends and for all the patience and support this far!! Thank you. . . .thank you so much. . . . . . . for hearing me out!!! Merci πŸ˜€