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Come, Luminara.

Obvious n mysterious
fear peaks of magnificence
air of possibility
illicitly elicit

Product of imagination
actuality of multiverse
seek unbestowed
surreal perfectionism

isms innumerable
jest perfection
thrive in reality

little attempts
layers of purpose
meaningless routines

space n time
nourishment to soul

Pride in nothingness
wipe smile away
Applaud after crescendo
circus of life

Vanity, Luminara.


My Dear Oyster


I’d write you a poem, that’d make you cry
It ought to open doors, so in your life I can pry

Call me then an intruder, as I’d walk up to you
And to be unyielding, isn’t a resolution to renew

How does it help, to be tethered to hollow hopes
Aren’t these exciting, these unanchored frail ropes

Take me to depths of a sea of depression, you contain
Where stagnate, the souls of memories you’ve slain

I seek not love, beneath smoothed ruins of your heart
But bring you peace I will, from what tears you apart

There is much to learn, from details of your ordeals
If only you’d teach me, to decipher the secrecy seals

Shed not unwanted tears, for they cause waves galore
And having come so close, I am washed out on the shore

When I am in you, let around me your emotions swirl
When I am let out, I wish to be your most magnificent pearl

Neat Shots of Life: Valentine’s Day Greetings

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Darling Valentina: A Love Carousel

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Eloquent Psalm I am an untapped emotion,
I attract belief

I am an untapped voice,
I rejuvenate faith

I am an untapped thought,
I spark renaissance

I am an untapped vision,
I hail future

Infinite Truth


World of possibilities infinite
Unlimited choices
Desires undesired
Peaceful that solitary path

World of successes uncharted
Unlimited mantras
Dreams undreamed
Inspiring that humble tale

World of happyness galore
Unlimited joys
Rhymes unrhymed
Soothing that sad medley

World of shores plentiful
Unlimited harbours
Anchors unanchored
Cherished that mighty wave

World of pleasures unimagined
Unlimited indulgences
Buttons unbuttoned
Intoxicating that bare touch

World of emotions incalculable
Unlimited feelings
Plugs unplugged
Gripping that failed romance

World of love eternal
Unlimited affection
Tags untagged
Undone that true bond

Spin Me A Fairytale

Viva La Vida

spin me a fairytale of hope,
strengthen my faith in good,
tell me how fairness has ever won

do you think of me as naïve?
don’t you think I know?
of the demons that hide deep

would you teach me to judge?
would you snap me out of my dream?
you would rot beneath degraded morals?

But would I not know?
that you call me a dreamer
that you call me an idealist

and could I not tell apart?
the good from the bad
and the wrong from the right

I know what’s possible
my faith rekindles hope
no sooner than you blow it out

would you then mock me?
and laugh at my innocence?
for I now insist even more

that you spin me a fairytale of hope,
strengthen my faith in good
and tell me how fairness has ever won . . .

Hope from Another

Hope from Another

It’s just when I lose hope
That I see words written
by people so deep
and gifted, in their thought.

It makes me happy,
it gives me the strength
to battle the hurdles
that life throws at us.

To know that you’re . . .




Hope from Another.

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Charisma of your visage

I’m an imperfect sage

Miles apart you seat

I hear your heart beat

It reverberates whole

In my throbbing soul 





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Amity destined for treaty

Charity for prosperity

Harmony for hostility

Love for lusty cupidity


Compassion to comply





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