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Strength Encomia!

When troubles come overhead
And nothing seems alright
O’er the troubles you tread
And don’t give up the fight.                                                (Verse 1: Earth)

When fear fills your mind
And you are scared downright

O’er the fear grip you find
And don’t give up outright.                                                 (Verse 2: Water)

When your vision falls apart
And nothing happens as you thought
O’er the vision make a dart
And don’t give up the sought.                                             (Verse 3: Fire)

When defeat you may face
And victory’s far from sight

O’er the defeat you race

And don’t give up the might.                                               (Verse 4: Air)

When clouds shadow your smile
And laughter takes a flight
O’er the clouds go a mile

And don’t give up the delight!                                             (Verse 5: Sky)

Feel the stab of the knife,
Fight like a hero tonight
Bring back the world to life
And your life will never end like twilight. . .                         (Chorus)




Never Mine, Yet, Ever Mine

It’s none to care,
It’s none to share,
And none to have a laughter with;
I had always thought,
It was never mine,
Still always fine,
So I let it go, thinking it was never mine;

But the thing was true,
And stuck like glue,
So it came back out of the blue;

It came to care,
It came to share,
And brought laughter along with it,
Then I thought,
It was always mine,
But never fine,
So I brought it back, thinking it was ever mine …