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Tadhg Bowen (Anthony from Philomena Lee)

Tadhg Bowen (Anthony from Philomena Lee)

Give, without lost
Gain, without fear

Feel, without understanding
Firm, need not be

Cutest in the world
Charming as it can be

Assuring all friendship
And usual as always

Wear it everyday
Win it, as u deserve

See it everywhere
Secure it without dare

Beautiful to bare
Beam upon whom you care!



in aura of songs of love
a melodious humming is missed
the smile it brings to a sullen face
and a sudden burst of joy

oh! to going to all lengths
to entrap this feeling within words
before the voice hints fading away
sigh! the fresh essence lingers on

Epiphanic Ramble

Life is short
Days are long

World is round
Smile is flat

Eyes shine
Heart is dark

Words seized
Actions speak

Time passes
Static memories

Thing that gets nourished
Is true talent, once underfed

Birthday Greetings#3!

[Dear Shagufta, many happy returns of the day! Posting this on the eve of your birthday. May you remain blessed . . . health and happyness to you!]

Get Close . . .

Dancing in the sky
Get close to nature,
Flirting with the stars
Get close to nature,
Singing of the moon
Get close to nature,
Smiling like the sun
Get close to nature,
  Gazing at the mountains
Get close to nature,
Listening to the river flow
Get close to nature,
Sitting under a tree
Get close to nature,
Walking beside the meadows
Get close to nature,
Reaching till the clouds
Get close to nature,
Swinging on the branches
Get close to nature,
Piling up the stones
Get close to nature,
Holding tight the sand
Get close to nature,
By living your passion
Get closer to yourself.

Venus House Captain Speech

Hello! Good morning!! <pause>
🙂 🙂 🙂

I am Shaggyyumm and I have been given this great chance, to stand up in front of you and prove my mettle, as the Venus House Captain of our school The AGEI!

And here I am to convince you to cast your vote in my favor!

I am friendly and approachable. I have leadership skills and I know they will only get stronger.

I stand in front of you with principles, which are strong but flexible too.

My heart beats in rhythm with yours. I know I am the best candidate for the office, because this house is what makes me, shapes me, is a part of me and invokes in me love, pride, respect and dignity and what I feel will not change with the outcome of the results of today’s elections.

It is time I feel that I stand out and take up the responsibilities as a Captain, because the title shall bring the best out of me, I am sure. As your representative I will be humble and respectful.

I know I am not perfect and I know some of you know my faults. But I intend to grow and it can be possible with your help. We can grow and learn together. So please vote for me.

If elected, I Shaggyyumm solemnly swear that I will do all tasks assigned to me with the best of my capabilities leaving no stone in my path unturned! I do not fear the result, I trust in you for considering me for the post, I trust in myself that I stand worthy and that you know about it too . . . . .

Venus house fellows arise and cast your vote in your best interests.

Thank you friends and for all the patience and support this far!! Thank you. . . .thank you so much. . . . . . . for hearing me out!!! Merci 😀

Birthday Greetings#2!

[Dear Vasundha, many happy returns of the day! I learnt from you that words of affection for our near and dear ones, fill our hearts with warmth incomparable. Posting this on the eve of your birthday. May you be continued to be blessed by friends and family and loved ones. . . health and happyness to you!]

You are poetry
Desire of life
You being
The reason for me
To be richer
In love.

My Beloved Cat

When I return home
After travelling long distances
Waiting she is at the door
Walking with great delight
Pounces on me with a boom
Every time it amazes
How sure she is of my arrival from core
Without any indications of bright
Removing with her pattering all my gloom
Looking at her face with a bliss
Now I don’t need anything more
All my wish be might
To understand what I can do for her before my doom
But to you always I’ll miss
My dearest cat I love to see you at the fore

My Lord, I need You now . . .

I need you now to ease his pain

I need you now to forgive his sins

I need you now to kill his demons

I need you now to fill him with hope

I need you now to give him health

I need you now to give him happyness

I need you now to reduce his ambitions

I need you now to destroy his ego

I need you now to make him display humility

I need you now to end his cribbing

I need you now to give him satisfaction

I need you now to end his mockery

I need you now to give him sight

I need you now to enlighten him

I need you now to fill his hollowness

I need you now to speak of kindness to him

I need you now to bless him with guidance

I need you now to make him re-account his favors not

I need you now to stop him from cursing aloud

I need you now to bring him peace

I need you now to fill him with love

I need you now to make him realize me


All Glory be Yours

Be more Merciful now

For I believe in You

For I have Faith in You

I beg You to listen to me now

Seeds of Love

You are
everything you want
Just look
Look into my eyes

n see a love
whose seeds you sowed
n the luscious fruits i bear
i owe you

n regret not
that u can enjoy not
the fruits of a love
u planted
pluck n bite into it
may the juice remind you
of the taste of your youthful vibrancy

recall the innocence with which
upon me you shone
and i nurtured myself
in your loving care
n be like the sowers
filled with wonder n delight
at the seed which sent forth its blade
then made it strong;

strong enough
to stands on its own stem
but you’d cut
thru the thick stem in time
for sure
n you’ll find another heart
to plant the seeds
from the fruits i bear