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My Dear Oyster


I’d write you a poem, that’d make you cry
It ought to open doors, so in your life I can pry

Call me then an intruder, as I’d walk up to you
And to be unyielding, isn’t a resolution to renew

How does it help, to be tethered to hollow hopes
Aren’t these exciting, these unanchored frail ropes

Take me to depths of a sea of depression, you contain
Where stagnate, the souls of memories you’ve slain

I seek not love, beneath smoothed ruins of your heart
But bring you peace I will, from what tears you apart

There is much to learn, from details of your ordeals
If only you’d teach me, to decipher the secrecy seals

Shed not unwanted tears, for they cause waves galore
And having come so close, I am washed out on the shore

When I am in you, let around me your emotions swirl
When I am let out, I wish to be your most magnificent pearl



Education has no limits
It enhances as we share
You’ll be educated in bits
But only if you dare

Education has spread over miles
Acquire it if for your future you care
Education surely improves life styles
Be it from classroom or not; sources of education will never be rare!



Love it as if yours
Live it for others
Care for it every minute
Every time just try to lit it
Keep it unarmed
Just don’t try to let it be jammed
Relieved it should be
To sense it as if lea
Then just try to guess
Why you think it’s less?
When you have it from core to whole
So fulfill your life as a strong bole
Have you understood?
These are tips to be happy n live good!




Sunlight falling on my cheek
And I shine as if meek
Every ray makes me shine
More than pure gold in a mine
Doesn’t matter, North or South
As gold it’s equally spout
Favoring East or West will have been
Dilemma it will simply seem
Important for all and to me divine
Today we live coz the Sun does shine!

Dalliance Dilemma

I give myself
As smoothly as sand
Slips thru my fingers

At eventide
Adds to my vibrancy
Her word in a genial voice

No wisdom
In speech or decision
 I know not judgement

She walks past
Wearing silk garments
Adorned with gold n pearls

Her touch
So cherished once
I’d recognize not anymore

My words
Fashion not her
But the love unrequited

In a trance
Her poet possessed
Aphrodite does notices

Passionately Yours

I slow down
See nuances delicate
In a bond so true
I smile

Freshen me
Merciful winds

My World
With words disarray
I replicate you
It’s enchanting

We speak pearls

Be hope
Weave me a desire
You are joy


Love betides
I seize you now

I seize you now
Love betides

You are joy
Weave me a desire
Be hope

We speak pearls

It’s enchanting
I replicate you

With words disarray
My World

Merciful winds
Freshen me

I smile
In a bond so true
See nuances delicate

I slow down

So Beautiful…

Every thought I speak is so beautiful
Every word I write is so beautiful
Every breath I breathe is so beautiful
Every smile I smile is so beautiful
Every step I walk is so beautiful
Every moment spent thinking of you is so beautiful

With you, life was so much more beautiful
My beauty
Where are you?

I miss you.


…Cause I Just Love You

You are my reason to smile,

Dazzled I am by your style,

Everything you say, so much it charms,

And I shall breathe my last in your arms;

Your love and affection seems so true,

To make you happy anything I can do,

Because beautiful it makes you look,

A moment to charm me is all you took!

“Love can conquer everything in this whole wide world, except of-course love of a greater intensity . . . “