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Dalliance Dilemma

I give myself
As smoothly as sand
Slips thru my fingers

At eventide
Adds to my vibrancy
Her word in a genial voice

No wisdom
In speech or decision
 I know not judgement

She walks past
Wearing silk garments
Adorned with gold n pearls

Her touch
So cherished once
I’d recognize not anymore

My words
Fashion not her
But the love unrequited

In a trance
Her poet possessed
Aphrodite does notices


Live The Conviction!

Fight as if the world at stake
Smile as if for God sake
Cry as if the tears are fake
Build as if you’re ought to make
Search as if you’re bound to rake
Receive as if no one will take
Eat as if it’s sweet as cake
Sleep as if you’re sure to wake!