Don’t walk away. . . . . .

I remember how hard it was to say ‘goodbye’ to friends during the school days when we left for the summer vacations. The last day at school, when we would sit with mixed feelings enthused just by the prospect of going to a higher grade, while at the same time bereaved of the fact that we would all be reshuffled into separate divisions again…

Those were the ‘days of goodbyes’ when goodbyes didn’t really used to hurt so badly, cause we weren’t grown up enough to understand the pain that separation involves.

They say with maturity comes the understanding of the functioning of the universe, I say with maturity comes the understanding of altering our original thought process, ideas, beliefs, convictions which we have formed before by trial and error or by simply accepting the underlying facts told to us by people whom we trust or trust to be true or in fear and tribulation…

Separation is a process I despise.

The goodbyes these days are faked, in fact, though people say goodbye just as a means of accepting the idea that you are ending the ongoing contact and are going separate ways, sometimes keeping the prospect of meeting again in future open; the most inner part of them never wants to be separated, because accepting a change is just too difficult, even though change is nature’s law.

We have become so busy in this dynamic world that a ‘bye’ is devoid of any feelings, as we know that if we accept the idea of separation thoughtlessly it would hurt a great deal lesser.

Why do we frame ourselves to be so hesitant to refuse a goodbye, and do not let that person leave our sight?

So, today I take a pledge to remove the word the word ‘goodbye’ from my vocabulary.

‘Sayonara’ until we meet again!

(umm…did I just say goodbye in some other language?!!)