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Sunlight falling on my cheek
And I shine as if meek
Every ray makes me shine
More than pure gold in a mine
Doesn’t matter, North or South
As gold it’s equally spout
Favoring East or West will have been
Dilemma it will simply seem
Important for all and to me divine
Today we live coz the Sun does shine!


Dalliance Dilemma

I give myself
As smoothly as sand
Slips thru my fingers

At eventide
Adds to my vibrancy
Her word in a genial voice

No wisdom
In speech or decision
 I know not judgement

She walks past
Wearing silk garments
Adorned with gold n pearls

Her touch
So cherished once
I’d recognize not anymore

My words
Fashion not her
But the love unrequited

In a trance
Her poet possessed
Aphrodite does notices

Never Mine, Yet, Ever Mine

It’s none to care,
It’s none to share,
And none to have a laughter with;
I had always thought,
It was never mine,
Still always fine,
So I let it go, thinking it was never mine;

But the thing was true,
And stuck like glue,
So it came back out of the blue;

It came to care,
It came to share,
And brought laughter along with it,
Then I thought,
It was always mine,
But never fine,
So I brought it back, thinking it was ever mine …