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Why I LOVE Social Networking!

Recently I came to know of a memorial service for a neighbor of a locality I used to live in before. This information had been put up on a networking site!

Had it not been for the network of mutual friends on this site, I’d have never come to know of the sad demise of this wonderful person I had the fortune to meet.

Internet has made the world a smaller place and these sites act as a great free means of keeping in touch with friends and family even across seven seas. Our regular updates matter to our close ones.

These sites are a boon to people who are not so expressive in public, but are confident of voicing their opinions on the platform provided by these sites. The informality of these sites is what is most desired.

Mass movements have been conducted successfully by spreading information through leading social networking sites, which by the conventional means like the television, radio or the newspaper wouldn’t have reached out to so many, especially the youth.

In this era of competition, these sites keep us updated about the world, so we can retrospect ourselves and can build up on our shortcomings.

Networking sites are a free means of advertising ourselves our talents, as it is very easy to display our works of art and literature. It is like a database — a personal profile of who or what we are and what we do. Our work can be accessed by our friends and family and they get to learn more about our interests.

It is almost not possible to remember special occasions like birthdays and (MQUTEDBJGA75) anniversaries of all our colleagues. I believe many of us are dependent upon social networking sites for the same. After all what is more desired than a timely greeting or appreciation for an achievement?

Not everyone is fortunate enough to meet celebrities personally, social networking site enable us to interact with them and it’s fascinating enough to be in touch with a celebrity you only see on the silver screen or in movies.

Talking about stalking, well take it in a better sense, for a change it means, knowing about the person you have lost contact with or getting to know a person better, before meeting face-to-face.

Lay down privacy aside, are we forgetting that happiness increases by sharing, let our close ones join us in our joys, by using the resource of social networking sites well.

Social networking sites were created for a sole purpose of information sharing and entertainment purpose. It’s our own thinking that brings in the sophistication into things, let alone stalking.

As a consumer you must know your stuff well like how to defend yourself from any imminent threat, these sites are for people with a higher sense of self security and firm belief in oneself. People must have high emotional quotient about what to share and with whom to share and not feel invaded or encroached upon.

With what you like also comes what you don’t, so people brace yourself!


Let Love Die Now…

Bonded are two souls in love,
And as one they thrive;
When one suffers the other cries
When one lets go the other holds on
When one is scared the other guards

When one is weakened the other strengthens

Relationships are all about love,
Without which they flicker out;
When one leaves the other waits
When one falls the other catches
When one shatters the other gathers

When one wants out the other gives in

Beauty is reflected in their love,
With age it withers not;
When one is sad the other cheers
When one is hurt the other is in pain
When one cares the other cares more
When one is happy the other is jubilant

Inspirational is their love story,
As an example they live on;
When one flies the other soars
When one is lost the other guides
When one wins the other is victorious
When one looses the other gives hope

That’s sweet love summed up,
So pure and complete;
Let this undying love fade with the heartbroken lovers
Let it not be a cause of pain to others
Let love take a bow
Let love die now