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Twisting n tearing
the feeble fabric of norms
I weave a desire
for dreamland

Like a ship left stranded
on a shore
by the ungrateful waves

Foreseeing a future
the very end
alas but life
just for amusement

A penalty
for all my perfections
being cut for greater things
swept away by imperfections

this unnecessary lament
I may not be lost at all
everybody else might be

A frail trail
I leave behind
would you be keen to notice?
tread upon my footsteps

I am being guided
to Paradise
by my Lord
and I wish to guide you too


Amongst You, I Returned

Anne Frank
For Anne Frank, who believed, ‘that inspite of everything, people are really good at heart…’

For the umpteenth time they had told me,
“Here”, is not where I belonged.
Heard often was, ‘Too different to blend in.’
So, I sought to leave;
Away, far away, from Humanity’s fate…

In a boat I sailed away, armed only with oars,
On the purple sea, in the golden glow,
Afloat the milky foam; cutting rugged waves,
Towards the place where, sky meets sea…
And yonder would be Paradise, I dreamt.

I rowed for an aeon, into the astounding open sea;
Until my muscles ached with fatigue.
My ebullience had fizzed out and the sea had calmed,
Letting my boat drift away,
Beneath the clouds of gloom, I sat.

To brood alone is a blissful affair;
How much I enjoyed the breeze of solace!
Then epiphany struck, loneliness introduced itself;
My elysium had been ephemeral.
I prayed to be engulfed by divinity…

My eyes raked for companionship;
To leave the world had been a decision naïve.
Tomorrow would be better, alone, I resolved;
But, the journey I had set on was truly solitary.
It was a realization too late.


My melancholy ate me inside;
A reclusive life, I had in vain extolled.
I tried to kill myself,
Before, seclusion could.
And I succeeded…

Unbeknownst to myself, I was still in my boat.
I wondered if I had been delivered,
And if the pastiche around me was indeed a heavenly scene
I cried aloud, ‘Have I been granted a place,
Amidst gardens of Paradise?’

And an eloquent Voice spoke to me,
‘An escape is never easy;
You have reeked of nonchalance.
Go back unto your people with felicity,
And WE would forgive your insouciance.’

‘They shunned me, so did I.’
‘Why would they take me back?’ I wept.
‘Anger is a virtue undesired,
Speak nor wail when hurt,
Lest unkind words, again you exude.

Go! Make your place among them.
For inspite of everything, people are really good at heart.
Be exemplary to those astray,
And fill their hearts with compassion again,’
Said, the endearing astral Voice.


‘Row forward, enter Heavens or turn,
And reach the shores you abandoned.’
And I chose to turn…
With restored faith in Humanity.
Yes, I have rekindled my faith in You.


And I do have faith in Me…


The idea for this post is derived from topics shared as a part Indian Bloggers League organized by WriteUp Cafe.

Topic: Write a poem based the given photo prompt.