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Dalliance Dilemma

I give myself
As smoothly as sand
Slips thru my fingers

At eventide
Adds to my vibrancy
Her word in a genial voice

No wisdom
In speech or decision
 I know not judgement

She walks past
Wearing silk garments
Adorned with gold n pearls

Her touch
So cherished once
I’d recognize not anymore

My words
Fashion not her
But the love unrequited

In a trance
Her poet possessed
Aphrodite does notices


Monsoon: Haiku


image source: Rhea’s Diary

Sussurrus of westerlies.
Romantic petrichor,
tears blending.

The idea for this post is derived from topics shared as a part Indian Bloggers League organized by WriteUp Cafe
Topic: Monsoon Rain
Type: Haiku

Image used has been edited from a sketch at: Rhea’s Diary

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