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My Lord, I need You now . . .

I need you now to ease his pain

I need you now to forgive his sins

I need you now to kill his demons

I need you now to fill him with hope

I need you now to give him health

I need you now to give him happyness

I need you now to reduce his ambitions

I need you now to destroy his ego

I need you now to make him display humility

I need you now to end his cribbing

I need you now to give him satisfaction

I need you now to end his mockery

I need you now to give him sight

I need you now to enlighten him

I need you now to fill his hollowness

I need you now to speak of kindness to him

I need you now to bless him with guidance

I need you now to make him re-account his favors not

I need you now to stop him from cursing aloud

I need you now to bring him peace

I need you now to fill him with love

I need you now to make him realize me


All Glory be Yours

Be more Merciful now

For I believe in You

For I have Faith in You

I beg You to listen to me now



Love it as if yours
Live it for others
Care for it every minute
Every time just try to lit it
Keep it unarmed
Just don’t try to let it be jammed
Relieved it should be
To sense it as if lea
Then just try to guess
Why you think it’s less?
When you have it from core to whole
So fulfill your life as a strong bole
Have you understood?
These are tips to be happy n live good!


Passionately Yours

I slow down
See nuances delicate
In a bond so true
I smile

Freshen me
Merciful winds

My World
With words disarray
I replicate you
It’s enchanting

We speak pearls

Be hope
Weave me a desire
You are joy


Love betides
I seize you now

I seize you now
Love betides

You are joy
Weave me a desire
Be hope

We speak pearls

It’s enchanting
I replicate you

With words disarray
My World

Merciful winds
Freshen me

I smile
In a bond so true
See nuances delicate

I slow down

The Prophetic Poet

The conjurer, the puppeteer of words

There lives a puppeteer of words,
A conjurer of melodies
And a lord of the literary world.
He asks none to bow to him;
But not unknown is the might of his works.
He prepares a concoction of the right words,
Which has an essence of divinity
And serenity disguised.

He casts the words as actors of his direction;
Each of which plays its part in this stint.
He associates expressions, with words
Putting which in order, sentences he quotes;
The sentences form verses of his song.
He places them all in perfection of a hymn,
Built upon a foundation of faith, in his puppeteer, God
And in gratitude for his pristine skill.

He passionately broods over his literature,
The words of which like jewels embellish it;
Exalting the glory of his conjurer, God,
Whose reach is the firmament and yonder.
He pulls the strings on his words
And makes them fall in the right place.
Rewarded is he graciously for his work
And redeemed is he of his earthly sins.

His work is healing and has a soothing tone,
And the rhythm is infectious and in trances it place,
But consecrates even an adversary to become a friend.
The works encompass his life’s purpose,
And a pinnacle is reached every time.
Many enter with him in the quest to attain salvation;
In their lives, a holy intervention they seek,
So that their progeny be not dolorous.

The deepest of revelations come forth, hence;
And no trickery; nothing remotely abstract is there
and not a hint of blasphemy, the works bear,
And wherein every idea is concrete and fair.
Our prophetic poet is at the heart of his works,
He is the soul of his creations.
Enshrined is he in his work forever
And enthroned is he in hearts of his believers!


The promise of love
The plethora of love
Sempiternal love
Quintessential love
Two fortunate lovers
The moiety of love
A svelte beauty
A courageous lad
An exquisite bond
Each others’ talisman
The ones for each other
An eternal wait
The spirit of freedom
Display of affection
Of tenderness and care
Of play of sentiments
And sharing of pleasures
A congenial atmosphere
The caresses, the stares, the scent
relieving, refreshing, rejuvenating touch
A conspicuous romance
Of crumbling into the arms
The warm embrace, a heavenly abode
The bonding
amidst angels
The uniting of souls
The exuberance
Of melodies and symphonies
The enchanted swaying
The graceful moves

An ethereal dance
The mellifluous words
A resounding calm
, a ringing peace
The chime, the rhythm, the hymn
The aura of each others’ presence
The charismatic personas
In the brush of  lips
As romantic as petrichor
Of surpassing many a horizons
Of feeling the moistness
A holy pretence
An intense shiver
The power of intimacy

The obsessions, the confessions
Of priorities, of skeptical swears
The intensity of closeness
A surreal proximity
Of hugs and kisses and of holding hands
Driven by lust
The frailty of lust
Surreptitious seduction
The passion, the myths

The desire, the wants
The pleasure of insanity
A bare truth, a wrong act
Of expectations and need
The pain of loss
Of not getting the desired
Of farewells and embraces
Of missing and letting go
Of resisting the resurgent
Of memories and that what’s forgotten
A threatening nightmare
The restless times
The doomed perceptions
A conspiring universe
Of being in a better state
Of own deterioration
Of self-destruction
Of refraining oneself
The fear, the devastation
A withered touch
, an illusion
An accommodating belief
Of bending the truth
Of living a lie
Craving following a betrayal
The desperation
The incredible missing
Of many break downs
And of rebuilding oneself
Strengthened as one
Weakened as separate
Love hurts, period
Of absorbing the worst
Of radiating the best
Of rejoicing and praying
Pity for the times spent alone
Of silent sufferings
And quietly bearing
In the joy of redemption
Of casting away the grief
And forgetting the mourning
Of healing and soothing
And of an innocent hope
Of holding the faith
Of gathering the dispersed
A new lilt in the conversation
The unbreakable threads of love
A never-ending tale of love. . .




Legendary Exuberance

Be There For Me…

There will be dark times ahead for me,
When I’ll break under the sheer enormity of load,
At those times be there, not out of sympathy or to help,
But to remind me, of who I once was,
When I had you not, I still made it through,
Now when I have you, how could things go wrong?
But so much will I be in pain and angst, that my self, shall desert me,
Be then my voice to God and plead for my salvation,
So that in eternity, shall I get to rest in peace…

Then there will be happy moments passing by,
And I alone will not be able to gather them,
At those moments be there, cherish them with me,
But do remind me of the trauma, I may have gone through,
As I had you, I have made it through,
Now that you are forever with me, everything will happen right!
But let me not exalt in this momentous happiness,
Be now my voice to God and thank Him for OUR bond,
So that beyond eternity, I shall get to be with YOU…


Will you be there for me in times so contrasting? Now that you know what it shall entail…