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Sunlight falling on my cheek
And I shine as if meek
Every ray makes me shine
More than pure gold in a mine
Doesn’t matter, North or South
As gold it’s equally spout
Favoring East or West will have been
Dilemma it will simply seem
Important for all and to me divine
Today we live coz the Sun does shine!


Morning Sun & Love – A Prayer

Hold my hand, take me into your dream or come into mine,
And never depart, so that I see you shine;
In the morning sun, fall deeper into your love,
As I wake up with your face in my sight
And my first words to God while watching you be
‘Grant him today everything he aspires
And to me…
…Bless me with his all day long company!’

couple,sea,sun,beach,love,morning-4b7b7b56ae91e0b6588f3f460af4849f_h_largefall in love!