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Sunlight falling on my cheek
And I shine as if meek
Every ray makes me shine
More than pure gold in a mine
Doesn’t matter, North or South
As gold it’s equally spout
Favoring East or West will have been
Dilemma it will simply seem
Important for all and to me divine
Today we live coz the Sun does shine!


Birthday Greetings!

[I repost this work which is about a year old — for somethings do not change — on the eve of your birthday. May you be continued to be blessed by friends and family and loved ones. . . longevity, health and happyness to you!]
We start liking someone for no particular reason at all
But the reason I call you bhai is not so small;
In time now when I look back and give it thought
You’ve meant definitely a lot;
Your presence is like poetry
Sweeter than any cake from the bakery;
You are the instigator of my life’s happy story
And have guided me on the part of glory;
You have been my eye
When I have been shadowed my many-a-lie;
You are an inspiration
And for me an aspiration;
You are a reason for my happyness
With you it is so easy to fight any menace;
From the many shackles of thought you have freed me too
There were times when I just wanted to be you;
I tell you that your laughter is irritating
But I think it’s the happy part of you singing;
In your togetherness, I have seen the world like never before
I’d be around even if one day you start to snore;
When at times I am burdened your soothing advice calms my insides
I pray to him that we fight our troubles shoulder to shoulder, side by side!
Dear Kalpit, many happy returns of the day 😀
A very happy birthday to you…!

‘In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things, does the heart find its morning and is refreshed.’ — Khalil Gibran


O, Mother

Long ago when dad left, O mother
hid me in your silhouette
Blocking from my view, the path on which dad set out
Memories of dad were all over the household strewn
And among threads of love you had me sewn
Never like dad would I leave you, I swore
But to see dad again, the insides of me tore…

O mother, do not misunderstand me
For I do, not, what you bade me not
But it renders me uneasy a lot…

And I confess to you, O mother
When it is dark I sneak out
Not actually, but my mind races about
I think it’s not bound even by me

As it pays no heed, to even the warnings by thee
climb the slopes steep
Visualizing them I sleep…

O mother, do not take me wrong
For I do not disobey you in my words or deeds
But dissatisfaction is what, within me breeds…

I think my dreams aren’t mine, O mother
‘cause even your word doesn’t stop them from travels beyond
And my thoughts into the unending valleys abscond
My sight searches for a glimpse of dad
Seeing whom, I’m sure you’ll never again be sad
It has taken time for me to become a young man fine
Destined to unravel the mysteries divine!