Ask me of my journey divine
And a couple of twos, I’d compose
Would you count only four lines thence?
For between them, I’d have fitted thoughts pristine

Breath then in the dawn of many-a-realizations
As I’d let you enter my world, between lines
And in solace you’d find me adoring,
Silent feelings n far-stretched implications

I’d fit paragraphs, between lines
So neither a glance nor a reading would suffice
But worry not about my grey world
For behold! Every line shrouding it, shines

Try to read me one fine day, at rest
Wouldn’t all pages simply be amiss?
Victims to cruel times and faded
But heartily, I’d let you be my guest

I had left on a quest, surrounded by purple
To search atop a hill for a sign of you
Dear chunk of heaven you indeed fell for me
Together we shall go to Jericho n be transcendental

On an astral night similar to when I found you
Leave me not alone on this very cliff
Or tell me, should I take you not now?
Lest, I fall with you from this cliff n hang askew

Garments of gossamery threads of love
A single paroxysm they bear not
And so did my loverly journey end
Without a wafture of a glove

Published Here.

And a Winner of the Shiny Trophy Contest by Coffee Beans. . .