Long ago when dad left, O mother
hid me in your silhouette
Blocking from my view, the path on which dad set out
Memories of dad were all over the household strewn
And among threads of love you had me sewn
Never like dad would I leave you, I swore
But to see dad again, the insides of me tore…

O mother, do not misunderstand me
For I do, not, what you bade me not
But it renders me uneasy a lot…

And I confess to you, O mother
When it is dark I sneak out
Not actually, but my mind races about
I think it’s not bound even by me

As it pays no heed, to even the warnings by thee
climb the slopes steep
Visualizing them I sleep…

O mother, do not take me wrong
For I do not disobey you in my words or deeds
But dissatisfaction is what, within me breeds…

I think my dreams aren’t mine, O mother
‘cause even your word doesn’t stop them from travels beyond
And my thoughts into the unending valleys abscond
My sight searches for a glimpse of dad
Seeing whom, I’m sure you’ll never again be sad
It has taken time for me to become a young man fine
Destined to unravel the mysteries divine!