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My Dulcet Diorama


A dulcet diorama I’d try to fashion..
Sprinkling some moon-light on the waves…
Adding a chill to the breeze…
An essence of calmness I’d exhale…
  A dash of mist around would help…
  A tinge of longing for something elusive…
  A pinch of moon-light I’d keep in my pocket…
An incredible zest for life on a stellar night…

Wouldn’t I simply pause to give myself an applause?!


The Reality of My Dream

through my dream frame. . . . .

Gone are the days of dreaming,
Reality thrives in the world now,
Dreamers are rare on the face of the earth,
Now that hunger and pain barely let people sleep.

Well, I’ve dreamt about a farmhouse on the moon,
And my close and loved ones around me,
Rivers of dark chocolate flowing by, cool breeze blowing by,
And trees bearing luscious fruits,
Where just eyeing them satisfies hunger.

Then, I’ve dreamt of maidens fair,
And being a superhero and saving the world,
Bringing the change required, being the change required,
And the world free of treachery,
Where reality is a synonym of dream.

Alas! I’ve lost my precious possession of dreaming,
Now that I’ve been bred in harsh reality,
Which has sunk In fast enough,
To numb the warmth, in the core of me!