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Hope from Another

Hope from Another

It’s just when I lose hope
That I see words written
by people so deep
and gifted, in their thought.

It makes me happy,
it gives me the strength
to battle the hurdles
that life throws at us.

To know that you’re . . .




Hope from Another.

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Charisma of your visage

I’m an imperfect sage

Miles apart you seat

I hear your heart beat

It reverberates whole

In my throbbing soul 





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Amity destined for treaty

Charity for prosperity

Harmony for hostility

Love for lusty cupidity


Compassion to comply





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Tadhg Bowen (Anthony from Philomena Lee)

Tadhg Bowen (Anthony from Philomena Lee)

Give, without lost
Gain, without fear

Feel, without understanding
Firm, need not be

Cutest in the world
Charming as it can be

Assuring all friendship
And usual as always

Wear it everyday
Win it, as u deserve

See it everywhere
Secure it without dare

Beautiful to bare
Beam upon whom you care!