Looking for inspirations that’ll make you write? What follows is a heart pour on what inspires me! May you find it useful!

I am “scrappily” inspired. I drew my inspiration from fragments of happenings of everyday life as a teenager and then putting them together like a jigsaw puzzle I created my first works.


Deprivation inspired me.

Not having internet at my disposal growing up, had me treasure and learn valuable life’s lessons from Tinkle and Champak. My parents gifted me with my first books. These were the first books I read, besides the academic course books. Not knowing about famous authors and books often had me feeling left out, during school days.


Teachers inspired me.

Wasn’t until my secondary schooling, that there was a Librarian, Late Ms. Nilaxi Ghia, who introduced to me books and authors, who shaped much of my initial liking for literature. A couple of school teachers, Ms. Susan and Ms. Anita had me write an Annual Day play based on the theme – Building Self-Esteem. My first work was a play. After making a second revision of the script, I had learnt many things. There was yet another tutor, Late Kumar Sir, who brought textbook stories to life and was the inspiration for my first poetry.


Peers inspired me.

From knowledge about the world of J.K. Rowling to the world of J.R.R. Tolkien, friends and colleagues made me realize the magic of the authors, much before I got to witness them first hand. I learnt from a friend that words of appreciation for our near and dear ones fill our hearts with warmth incomparable. And this proved as an inspiration for several of my works. From another I learnt the happyness of living in a self-created literary world. And so, I learnt the joy of being my own audience.


Scrappy thoughts.

Love and despair are two things which have driven me to write few heart pours.

I learnt that having a person as your inspiration has some undesired effects, when in an advanced state of keeping someone as your inspiration; you try to be that person. This is what I did. Making somebody your inspiration with or without the knowledge of that person gives that person the power to knowingly or unknowingly control you. Everybody is different. But we all have the gift to observe, take note and put to memory, the smallest of incidences that happen in our day-to-day lives. Using the best parts of everything, the best scraps or fragments can help you be creative in your writing. And if you really develop this ability, it can also be of help in your everyday life.

When I surpassed my inspirations, it was a feeling of a child who had been left alone in a crowd. I did not know whom to look up to. The problem I was facing was that I had adapted both the negative and positive parts of my inspirations.

My favorite form of outburst, when stuffed with emotions is writing.

Now if you have the talent to write and touch hearts by your words and you know about it and want to explore yourself more, run into circles of writers’ community, online or in person.

You cannot ask to be inspired to write. To write is a simple process. The thought process that a writer puts in, is of value. Your writing may not always be constructive or even for the reading of someone else. Your fragments of writings of your various moods and feelings in your personal diaries or files would lay ground for your creative works!

I have learnt to appreciate the smaller things in life, which inspire me. I derive my inspiration from someone saying something, someone doing something and then recalling it when doing a piece.

Creative Writing need not be an outcome based process — to write is to feel every emotion and putting it on paper in form of words — a process of making oneself feel better. Don’t even try to make sense!

The trick is in feeling good about one self, when writing and after completion of the process.

Rarely would it be so that appreciation would come quick and easy. Another thing is to be appreciated and yet remaining true to oneself and being down to earth.

Writing! It’s about you. Draw inspiration from people around you, situations around you. Make sure the people you choose to remain with are the people whose positivity only you take in.

You can make yourself pick up a pen and paper or open Microsoft Word and record your creative idea. Be your own inspiration. I did it too. Bring your world to life by describing it in words to the people around you. . . You could be amazing at writing! Try it.

Have a nice day writing . . . !

PS: previously published at Penguin Inked